BlackStar Group – Baltimore, MD 21061

Who we are

BlackStar Group provides data-network services and equipment for professional events and clients requiring top-tier connectivity, security, and reliability. We take pride in our ability to deliver consistent, dependable results no matter the scale, venue, or title.

Who we want

To maintain our high level of service, those that we ask to join our team need to have the same desire and dedication. As a member of the BSG team your priority is to be the best representation of our brand and commitment to excellence.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Technicians are expected to read, understand, and abide by the Technician Handbook.
  • The roles and responsibilities that our teams take on will vary with each event. Most will require the installation and setup of equipment and building the physical network (running cable).
  • BlackStar Group is often the front line for technical support at an event. Technicians are responsible for Tier-1 Support, or basic troubleshooting. This may include hardware and/or software issues. BSG technicians are expected to at least collect information and work with the rest of the team to find solutions.
  • Undertake any reasonable requests from clients and staff as they come up. Technicians must have strong interpersonal skills and be open/accommodating in a manner best representing BlackStar Group.
  • Technicians must be available and communicative on a variety of platforms (radio, Slack, email, etc.) during work hours and while on-site.


  • Many of our clients are interested in protecting their information (for dramatic effect or proprietary reasons). All employees of any capacity are required to sign a legally-binding Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  • In production environments, timeliness and focus are key. Technicians will need to be comfortable taking detailed instructions and following them accurately with a sense of urgency.
  • Hours and schedules may shift based on client needs or time zones.
  • Technicians should have the ability to prioritize their time and the tasks given to them. Technicians are expected to be able to work independently, apply basic problem solving, and act with the company and the client in mind.
  • Technicians need to be flexible and creative in their thinking in order to accomplish tasks in a variety of environments ranging from convention centers to customer offices.
  • Work may be repetitive and detail oriented. Technicians are expected to maintain a high level of quality while satisfying the requests of senior staff and/or clients.


  • Travel required –up to 100% (arrangements provided by BlackStar Group)
    • Technicians are on-site and available through the entirety of the scheduled event
  • This is a hands-on position. Associates must be able to perform the following on a daily basis:
    • Lifting 100 lbs.
    • Walking 10+ miles /day (cumulative)
    • Standing and being on your feet for long periods of time
    • Depending on the duties you may often be working while on hands and knees, climbing ladders, or in any variety of challenging spaces/positions.
  • Environmental conditions
    • Dust, sawdust, or other particulate matter may be present in the work areas
    • Low light & flashing lights
    • Temperature fluctuations (warehouse spaces are not always heated or cooled)
  • Ability to work effectively among and around a large number of people while maintaining composure and a professional demeanor.
  • Long work days

    • As previously mentioned, schedules may vary. Some days may be longer than others. It is not uncommon for some days to exceed 10+ hours on-site. Effort will be given by senior staff to provide limited breaks if/when possible.


  • Health Insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Overtime and Holiday Pay
  • Flexible Schedule
    • On non-production days, all employees are able to take paid personal days and work on a flexible schedule as long as all responsibilities are being met. We encourage individuals who have been traveling for work to take time off between events to avoid burnout.
  • Growth Opportunities
    • BlackStar Group is a learning-friendly environment. We encourage all employees to ask questions about any aspect of the company they wish to learn about. We also strive to create opportunities for every individual to use their unique strengths and interests. Many of our technicians learn to use and troubleshoot more advanced technologies, which helps them to grow as individuals and in their professional lives.

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